The KLEBER agricultural story

Discover the highlights for the KLEBER brand over the course of our long agricultural history



KLEBER inner tubes became 100% BUTYL!

Launch of the KLEBER Gripker, the 65 series wide tyre for mixed and livestock farming (for tractors from 80 to 180 hp).

Launch of the KLEBER Fitker in the 70 series, for tractors from 70 to 180 hp.

Launch of the KLEBER Topker, for high-powered tractors (over 180 hp).

Launch of the KLEBER Traker in the 85 series, for tractors from 60 to 180 hp.

KLEBER was bought out by the Michelin Group.

Urvic, the boxer dog became the KLEBER brand mascot. Many of the adjectives often used to describe this breed of dog, are perfectly suited to the qualities of KLEBER tyres: reliable, strong, efficient.

The “Super Tracsol” is the first radial agricultural tyre to be launched by KLEBER and with this product, KLEBER becomes the European leader in agricultural tyres.

Following a change in the company’s name ( which became “Pneumatiques Caoutchouc Manufacture et Plastique Kleber-Colombes”) the brand became known as “KLEBER”

KLEBER  launches the first tubeless tyre. With this development,  KLEBER revolutionised the world of agriculture by bringing out the first tyre with a built-in inner tube. The company was very much at the forefront of this technology compared with other manufacturers.

Maurice Herzog on top of the world !

On 3rd June 1950, Maurice Herzog, a KLEBER employee, was the leader of the French expedition to the Himalayas. Together with his friend Lachenal, he conquered Annapurna and raised the French flag, the Club Alpin pennant and the Kleber-Colombes pennant.

KLEBER launches the first agricultural tyre. Back then, the KLEBER agricultural range comprised 18 sizes.

At the end of the Second World War, the company moves their head office to Avenue Kleber in Paris and the company name was changed to Kleber-Colombes. This change in name was also accompanied by a change in logo.

Construction of the French Goodrich Company's factory at Colombes, with the first tyre coming off the production line on 8th December 1911.