Setting the correct pressure

For greater productivity and increased safety, choose the correct pressure for your tyres.

Tyre pressure has an important impact on:

  • the longevity of your tyres.
  • driver comfort.
  • the quality of your yield and the reduction of soil compaction.

Incorrect tyre pressures can have serious consequences for the longevity of your agricultural tyres:

  • Over-inflation can cause excessive in-field wheel slip; on hard surfaces or stony ground it results in premature wear. On the road, over-inflation causes rapid and uneven tyre wear, as the area in contact with the ground is too small.
  • Under-inflation causes irreparable damage to the casing, which can cause the tyre to crack. It also results in excessive wear on the road, as it increases rolling resistance.

Setting the correct pressure is essential to optimise tyre performance ( traction, longevity, comfort, stability, soil preservation..) and should be determined and adjusted to suit the imposed load, the operation ( cultivation, ploughing, harvesting, loading) and the speed on the road.

Over-inflation in agricultural tyres leads to increased ground compaction and the formation of ruts (especially in damp conditions) which causes:

  • Poor root development of crops.
  • Limited development of microbial life.
  • Increased risk of water stagnation.


  • Reduction in yield.
  • Poor yield quality.
  • Increased operating costs (requirement to de-compact soil).
Pressure board